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Yasmin has been missing her nephew a lil’ TOO MUCH. We can tell by how she clenched his caboose and looked him in the eye as soon as he ambled thru the door.

He looks like hes grown a bit also, not just in stature but hopefully also in girth ;).

It turns out he was in town for a giant job interview, which he has been stressing about non-stop.

His aunt seems to be stressing too, stressing about getting that fine nephew jizz-shotgun shes been yearning for, and maybe even helping him relax a bit too. As her nephew is getting prepared for the interview, Yasmin steps inside his apartment to help him get clothed. He asks his auntie if shes got any tricks to help him not be so nervous. Boy was Yasmin exhilarated to demonstrate him what shes got. She reaches for his lollipop then commences to suck it!

The ultimate stress reliever. Just as shes truly getting into it his uncle steps into the room! Supreme thing his vantage point was unable to spot his wifey, or else things might have got sloppy.

Uncle fastly left and Yasmin continued to display her cousin that there was nothing to worry about.

All the fears in his head promptly subsided as the peak of his man meat fondled the inside of her mature cunt. Yasmin had not been plumbed this good in a while and flashed her appreciation by taking a phat explosion of her cousins spunk to the face.

If this doesnt hype you up for an interview, we are not sure what will…

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